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Sherry Martin Superintendent/Principal 559-897-7209 smartin@krusd.org
Kristi Blatner Vice Principal 559-897-7209 x108 kblatner@krusd.org
Hailey Allison Kindergarten Teacher K hallison@krusd.org
Tracey Carrasco Kindergarten Teacher 5 tcarrasco@krusd.org
Thelma Simmons Kindergarten Teacher 4 tsimmons@krusd.org
Patti Remick First Grade Teacher  //  Teachers Site 3 premick@krusd.org
Tim Stanton First Grade Teacher 6 tstanton@krusd.org
Kris Tracy Second Grade Teacher 10 ktracy@krusd.org
Letica Sullivant Second Grade Teacher 8 lsullivant@krusd.org
Randi Pollack Third Grade Teacher 9 rpollack@krusd.org
Leigh Valencia Third Grade Teacher 7 lvalencia@krusd.org
Lisette Jost Fourth Grade Teacher 11 ljost@krusd.org
Joel Ellberg Fourth Grade Teacher 13 jellberg@krusd.org
Abigail Brandon Fourth Grade Teacher 18 abrandon@krusd.org
Randi Amador Fifth Grade Teacher 15 ramador@krusd.org
Jessica Samuelson Fifth Grade Teacher 16 jsamuelson@krusd.org
Patrick Delgado Sixth Grade Teacher 24 pdelgado@krusd.org
Ralph Maffia Sixth Grade Teacher 22 rmaffia@krusd.org
Steve Wamhof Seventh Grade Teacher 25 swamhof@krusd.org
Lorena Huerta Seventh Grade Teacher 29 lhuerta@krusd.org
Randy Darnell Eighth Grade Teacher 27 rdarnell@krusd.org
Jenniffer Hosler Eighth Grade Teacher 23 jhosler@krusd.org
Jayson Camaquin Resource Teacher 19 jcamaquin@krusd.org
Kari Larson Accountability & Assessment Coordinator 1B klarson@krusd.org
Marsha Grigsby EL Intervention Specialist 26 mgrigsby@krusd.org
Blake Jones Intervention/Music Teacher 17 bjones@krusd.org
Melanie Efird RTI PM  20  mefird@krusd.org
Dan Reihl Director of Facilities, Safety, & Services 559-897-7209 x128 dreihl@krusd.org
Tino Fernandez Director of Maintenance 559-897-7209 tfernandez@krusd.org
Erika Lopez District Secretary 559-897-7209 x101 elopez@krusd.org
Eunice Quiring Library Tech 559-897-7209 x116 equiring@krusd.org
Victor Ramirez Transportation Coordinator 559-897-7209 vramirez@krusd.org
Gerald Risenhoover Bus Driver/Custodian
Polly Risenhoover Cook ll
Brenda Hooker Cook 1
Pam Tredway Business Manager 559-897-7209 x102 ptredway@krusd.org
Frank Valencia Bus Driver/Custodian
Cathy Villasenor Finance Clerk 559-897-7209 x106 cvillasenor@krusd.org
Ileana Martinez Early Childhood Coordinator 559-897-7209 x130 imartinez@krusd.org
Leandra Rojas Special Friends 559-897-7209 x136 lrojas@krusd.org
Joy Golbek Instructional Aide
Linda Kangas Instructional Aide
Maria Perez Instructional Aide
Yvonne Reyes Instructional Aide
Vicki Thiesen Instructional Aide
Rafael Cisneros Instructional Aide
Beverly Vang Instructional Aide

NOTICE OF AUCTION of Surplus Assets

Kings River Union Elementary School District will conduct an auction of surplus assets with
assistance from ROKn Auctions. These assets have been approved as surplus in accordance with
California Education Code.
The following items will be available for online auction beginning on or after November 22,
2017 and ending on or after November 29, 2017.
Thomas School Bus
Itasca Motor Home
Chevy Caprice Classic Wagon
Aluminum Bleachers
Assorted school desks and stacking chairs
Description and auction information regarding these items can be found online at http://
www.ola.com/store/roknauctions beginning November 22, 2017. Type this URL into your
Internet browser and click on the item description as listed above to learn more about an item
and to place an online bid for such item(s). If you have any questions, please email ROKn
Auctions at auction-info@roknauctions.com.

About ROKn Auctions: ROKn Auctions works in partnership with public education institutions
and other public agencies nationwide to bring valuable, excess or no longer needed school/
district inventory to the online marketplace. Items listed have been declared surplus by partner
education institutions and are listed for sale as a service to these same institutions.