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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Kings River Union Elementary School District exists to empower all students to achieve their highest potential to become responsible, productive members of society through the highest standards of education.

Vision Statement

The Kings River Union Elementary School District, by providing a safe and healthy learning environment, is committed to developing each student’s academic and interpersonal skills to their full potential.  The entire organization is dynamically engaged in learning while modeling behavior worthy of emulation.  There is a climate of student and organizational excellence evidenced by mutual respect, civility, positive attitude, leadership, character and academic achievement.

This climate encourages students to demonstrate the ability to think creatively; to make decisions; to solve problems; to know how to acquire, organize and learn new information. Students learn in a rigorous yet nurturing environment with expectations clearly communicated.  Differentiated support is provided so all students can meet those expectations.   A variety of opportunities including athletics, school-wide character program, performing arts, and content enrichment are available to meet the learning needs and interests of all students.

The Kings River staff views learning as the fundamental purpose of our school.  All teachers use effective research-based instructional strategies in collaboratively planning rigorous and engaging learning experiences for their students based on frequent monitoring of assessment data.

Strong effective site leadership demonstrates excellence and is committed to continuous improvement and accountability for all staff members.  Collaborative Leadership Teams support the Superintendent and the Governing Board in providing the best opportunities for student learning.  The Kings River Union School District budget supports the district’s vision and goals.

Kings River School’s parents and community are actively involved in every aspect of our school.  Our community is our partner and a valued resource for students and teachers.  The educational program at Kings River Union Elementary School District is highly regarded by graduates, families, community members and professional educators. Kings River School is a model for others to visit and from which others will learn.