Tech Tips & Tricks

Here you’ll find an assortment of Tips & Tricks with using your Technology.  And if you have something Tech related that you’d like to know, please email me and I’ll get you the answer.

Projector Short-Cuts

The computer may automatically recognize and use the projector as well as its own screen. If you have Windows 7 then you can hold down the Windows logo key + press P. If not, use the appropriate function key to toggle between projector/screen/both.
Acer/Toshiba: fn + F5
Dell: fn + F8
Compaq/Gateway/HP: fn + F4
IBM Lenovo: fn + F7

Cut, Copy & Paste Short-Cuts

Cut: “CTRL” + X
Copy: “CTRL” + C
Paste: “CTRL” + V

Capturing Screen Shots

Have you ever needed to capture an image of the desktop you are working with or a specific window and email it to somebody or just have a screen shot of something to remember settings. The “PrtScn” button located just after the “F12” on most keyboards, will capture the desktop image and using the combination “ALT” + “PrtScn” will capture just the highlighted window. Then you can open a document or email and preform a “Ctrl” + “V” to paste where you would like the captured image to appear.