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I’m sure the 5 tips for elementary students from a teacher that are posted below will come in handy some day. You might not use them all right now, but I bet you remember one or two later on and they end up helping you out.

Tip 1: Mind Your Manners

Saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ can also be done in the classroom. Teachers like to hear these words as much as your parents, grandparents, and other family members do. Being polite is something that should be done all the time and not only when you want something. Show respect to friends and they will be respectful to you as well. Good manners are always a nice trait to have!

Tip 2:  Listen very carefully to instructions

Teachers give instructions for assignments and so you know what to do in class at different times of the day. Listening closely to what these instructions are not only makes your teacher’s job easier, but then you don’t need to ask for the same instructions later on. You just might miss out on something important by not listening carefully to what is being told to you. If you think you’ve missed something, look around to see what other people are doing or ask a friend

Tip 3: Try to remember to use an outdoor voice outside only

Things get exciting in the classroom at times and you might be happy about something that happened over the weekend, but you still need to remember to not yell out in the classroom. When one person begins to talk loud, someone else talks a bit louder, and this chain continues until the entire room is filled with loud voices. Help your teacher out by whispering or talking low enough for only your friend to hear when you have something to tell him or her.

Tip 4: Return items that aren’t yours

When you notice that a classmate has dropped something, but doesn’t realize that this happened, pick it up and hand it to them. If you lost something and a friend found it, wouldn’t you want your item returned to you? I know I would be thrilled that my friend cared enough to return something that I had lost. You might find an item and not know who it belongs to. Ask around or give it to the teacher.

Tip 5: Keep a neat desk

Neatness counts for a lot in the classroom. If your desk is organized, then you will be able to find pencils, crayons, and even assignments. A messy desk is where assignments get lost, torn, and they have even been known to completely disappear. When a friend needs to borrow a pencil or asks to use a piece of paper, having an orderly desk will allow you to find what is needed to help out this friend.