KRU: Digital classes available! Please read flyer for more information.
over 1 year ago, Erika Lopez
Digital Resource
over 1 year ago, Kings River Union
Our after-school Pioneer Cheerleaders battled 16 teams and earned a 3rd place win in the CHOICES Cheerleading competition last week. Congratulations Cheer Squad Team…keep up the great work!!
over 1 year ago, Kings River Union
The Living Wax Museum The Living Wax Museum is our end of the year project in fifth grade. Students are asked to choose a historical figure that they would like to learn more about. We give them a timeline of 1500-1850 (we do make exceptions to this rule if they are interested in someone outside of these dates). Students are required to write an informational report about the person they chose, come up with a costume, and be prepared to present an overview of their figure, in the first person, the day of the museum presentation.
over 1 year ago, Kings River Union
students dressed for play